Artist Series: shenby g

shenby g (they/she) is a cultural worker and organizer for social transformation. Primarily working through pencil and ink, her work speaks to the need to build a new society free from capitalism, racism, imperialism, the patriarchy, and all facets of oppression.

shenby designed the Organize and Unionize T-Shirt and Tote now available in our online store. 

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How would you describe your artistic style?

My style comes from a fusion of the comics and cartoons I would read and watch growing up, the historical revolutionary poster movement coming out of the struggles of the working class here in the US during the 60s and 70s, and from the artistic movements in Cuba, China and the former Soviet Union. My art is comic/cartoon styled revolutionary agitation-propaganda.

Your art continues the tradition of propaganda-style artwork; why are you drawn to this particular style?

When I look at what has been created in that style, I feel invigorated and inspired by the level of dedication and love these artists had towards the masses of people. They used their art and creativity to give their all to the struggle against capitalism, oppression, imperialism, racism, sexism and the exploitation of humanity. I’m not trying to emulate and copy what happened before, but to learn and study from what was effective in moving people to action. Propaganda art, to me, is one of our people’s most powerful tools to get folks in action. Propaganda art is meant to be accessible, to be powerful, to build strength in the people, and to be educative. I look at my art as a tool that helps people’s movements intervene in the battle of ideas, and encourages folks to dare to change the world and win.


Who do you make art for?

My art is for the multi-racial working class here in the US, and for the people across the world struggling against capitalist and imperialist oppression. My art is for trans people, for the single mothers working two jobs, it’s for the revolutionaries organizing in the streets, folks unionizing their workplaces, Black people fighting against racist police terror, the masses of people that make the world run, and more. My art is definitely not for the rich, the bougie, the racists, the advertisers, and oppressors. I’m making art that builds the imagination of the working class to change the world in our own image.

Who would you love to work with?

I love all the comrades I’ve worked with before, so I’d definitely love to collaborate with them again and again - folks like Vivek Venkatraman (@vivekgetinstagram), Thơ (@supcuatrungcut), Rachel Domond (@muvagaia), and all my other organizer-artists! I’d really love to work with 1804 Books more to create book covers or illustrations inside books. I also hope to work with the International People’s Assembly and the different social movements within it to provide my art in service of the international struggle for liberation!

What have been some of your favorite projects?

My favorite projects have to be the illustrations I created for “Socialist Reconstruction,” a book by the PSL, released via Liberation and 1804 Books. My tattoo flash sheet series, which is ongoing, has always been a highlight to me too - all of which are free if folks want to get one!

Are you reading anything right now? If so, what titles?

Right now, I’m reading Lenin’s “National Liberation, Socialism and Imperialism,” “Crowds and Party” by Jodi Dean, and “Palestine’s Children” by Ghassan Kanafani. I’m also slowly but surely making my way through a collection called “Marxism and Art.”




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