Making NPR x PPW for Pride

When we decided to do a collection for Pride, we knew that we had to center the LGBTQIA+ community throughout the entire development of the collection. It was important to us that we not only amplify the marginalized voices. But, that our impact was empowering, responsible, and economic.

Read below to learn more about the development of the collection and the amazing makers involved.



Freelance illustrator Loveis Wise (they/them) is a (double) Capricorn (Libra Moon) who is obsessed with the color pink. Some of the amazing clients they've worked with include: The New Yorker, Google, Harper Collins, Disney Hyperion, Apple, Instagram, Dr.Marten, and BUST Magazine.

Loveis Wise created the collection logo and illustration!



Fashion designer and fabric artist Noel Puello's (she/hers) inter-disciplinarian approach to garment making pushes the boundaries between unisex workwear and avant garde design.

“I’m always thinking of how I can make things genderfluid, genderqueer,” says the rising Afro-Latina design powerhouse. “Always thinking of how I can mix luxury with accessibility, keeping the deconstructed elements but adding other things that will make it exist in design and fine arts circles.”

Noel hand-dyed the socks, bandanas, and bucket hats in the Pride collection.


100% ♻️ Cotton, biodegradable and gender neutral basics, made in LA since 2016.

"Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. By repurposing cotton waste from the manufacturing process, like we have with our Trash Collection, we’re eliminating the need for additional pesticides, water, energy and soil. It’s an entirely new way to address sustainability in apparel." —

All of the tie-dye pieces in the collection were custom made by!



Yeah, that's us! Each screen-printed garment is manufactured by hand by our majority LGBTQIA+ team. Fulfillment and order prep is also done in-house!

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