PPW for Target

Philadelphia Printworks in collaboration with Target.

The PPW for Target collaboration brings together the impactful designs of Philadelphia Printworks with the accessibility and reach of Target. This powerful partnership aims to amplify social justice messages and showcase artists from underrepresented communities. With a collection of thought-provoking apparel and merchandise, the collaboration empowers customers to wear their values and support causes that matter.

The collection is now available online at Target.com and will hit 400 Target stores nationwide beginning August 1st.
To find the list of stores near you, please email info@philadelphiaprintworks.com.

The artists featured in this drop include PPW Owner—@maryampugh_@donteneal_, and @jeremierose.design.

Photos by Target.

Model wearing knowledge is power t-shirt, black shorts, and black sunglasses.

person wearing a cream shirt with the slogan "the people united will never be defeated"

A person wearing a pink shirt that says "Thank Black Women" in a repeating pattern

a person's legs, they are wearing black sweatpants that say Tubman

A person wearing a green muscle tank that says "respect the locals"

a set of four lapel pins: panther with lightning bolts, ppw logo, thank black women, and respect the locals

tote bag with panther and lightning bolt pattern
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