Afternoon Reflections with Misty Sol [Audio]

Interview by Maryam Pugh

Misty Sol is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice blurs the lines between art, scholarship, education and mysticism. Her poems, songs, stories, plays, workshops, pictures and sacred objects combine to create an afrofuturist gumbo that smells a lot like dreaming out loud.  In this interview we explore her process and growth as an artist.

Interview Notes
1. The children playing in the background are named Mo and Ayah.  They are Misty's children and, as she mentions in the interview, they play a large role in her artistic process.  
2.  The children are playing Super Mario 3D World.
3.  During the interview, Misty's partner, Lo Morrison, was busy baking pine leaves.  Misty and her family are accomplished foragers who can point out and identify a number of edible plants, fruits and trees.  
4.  This interview was recorded in my home in Ardmore, PA.  Misty and her family currently reside in Andes, NY at an upstate eco-residency called CycleX.  They were in town for one of their frequent pilgrimages back to the city. They return to visit friends, to sell their organic produce, to barter copies of Little Myrtle and/or to perform at local events.  
5.  For more information on Misty Sol and her family you can follow their adventures on their blog or sign up for their newsletter.
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