Beach House Brief

Some First Friday chat with Vox Populi’s Surf Club premier up in 11th and Vine.  The space was packed with the usual Philly creative donning their whitest whites and freakiest duds.  With 8 new Vox members on board and art from in and out of state, the event was appropriately raucous, lubricated by Vox’s trusty bar staff.  And with a title like Surf Club, what do you expect?  The result is a post-internet stylish tumblrverse of works, subdivided into 4 themes, 4 chambers.  

In the words of the Vox’s Ms Halliday:

…this exhibition is loosely inspirited by an Internet Surf or Surfing Club, where a group links to the content on the web and respond to one another’s submission while drawing loose or tight connections between disparate content they’re consuming in the public sphere of the web.

In other words, hyperlinked stream of consciousness.  Insert emojis here.  


In the great style of the WWW, the exhibition sprawled over almost every medium, style, and tone with ADHD zeal—which is like every Vox exhibition, but you get what I mean.


For me the standout was Mike Fleming’s dazzle RGB Fan (2013), Surf Club 03.  One stage light+one fan=exponential beauty across two walls.  The crowd seemed to agree.  

Surf Club will be up until February 1st—check it out!

- S V K // Author


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