10 Gifts for your Favorite Black Revolutionary

By Shanice Brim

The times are turbulent and everyone has a friend who’s been deeply affected by it. If they’re like me they're more adamant than ever about supporting Black endeavors, trying to find their roots and trying to represent whenever they can. We’re here to help you show up and show out for your loved ones this holiday season!


1. An African Ancestry Test: 



    Ok. This is expensive. But, if you have it like that get them an ancestry test. This one tells the user not just what general part of Africa they are from but what particular tribe! This is something I’ve been anxious to know myself.


    2. This James Baldwin sweatshirt:


        Anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with James Baldwin. James is my dude for life. He’s the first writer I have read who gave it to me straight. He’s the first writer who taught me to get real about the struggle. He was incredibly brave in his work and in his life. Also, this sweatshirt is just everything. Buy it here

        3. Assata: An Autobiography:



        Assata Shakur, Angela Davis and Malcolm X all belong in a hallowed category among Black folks in that they’ve become symbols. Symbols of struggle. Symbols of love for the people. But the thing about symbols is that’s easy for them to become posters and aesthetics. Give your favorite revolutionary their words. Buy it from Hueman Books (A Black owned online bookstore). While you’re getting your Assata on be sure to pick up an Assata is Welcome here shirt.

        4. Between The World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates:



            Ok. I know. Everyone is reading this book. But, here’s the thing, everyone should be reading this book. Coates has received a lot of flack about his lack of attention to female trauma. But, because it’s a book from his perspective, about his experiences and written as a letter to his son; I don’t really understand the criticism. There was still so much I related to as a Black person and Coates has such an interesting perspective on life as a Black person in the world. Some people say Coates is not a very hopeful writer. But, I believe all of Coates’ hope lies not in flowery descriptions of reaching the mountaintop but in the people themselves. It’ll help you understand our current climate and it’ll fill you with love for the people. I bought my copy at Sisters Uptown bookstore (A Black owned bookstore and community center in Harlem).

            5. A Subscription to Ujamaa Box:
              UjamaaBox2.png It’s important for the Black community to support Black owned businesses. But, some people don’t know where to start. Ujamaa Box is the first monthly subscription box that offers exclusively Black owned products. Each month you will receive a box of goodies from various Black owned businesses! They also provide information about financial literacy!

              6. A Bevel Razor:


                Bevel is a shaving system created for people with coarse, curly hair.  A lot of Black people have a love/hate relationship with shaving. Without the proper tools Black people can be prone to razor bumps and dark spots. The creators of Bevel seek to remedy that. I use it on my legs and it gives me a close shave every time. Also, it looks really classy.

                7. Notepads from Red Velvet Paperie:


                  Everyone knows at least one Black creative these days. As one myself, I sometimes find it hard to plan my time well. Red Velvet is Black owned and has several different notepads for planning your day, as well mugs and motivational posters!

                    8. Celebrate historically Black with this poster from Don't Sleep Interiors: 


                    9. Make a donation in their name!
                      Donate to your favorite revolutionary’s favorite organization. They’ll be excited to know you’re spreading the holiday cheer to those who could use it more than they could and that you were thoughtful enough to remember their favorite causes.

                      10. Belle Butters: Double Agent Butter:
                          Doing my hair when I first went natural was a trying time. For one, I could not figure out how to replicate the styles in those hair videos for the life of me. And secondly, I felt terrible for not knowing how to do my own hair. As I kept going, getting to know my hair in its natural state felt like getting in touch with my heritage. Now my wash days have become a form of self care. I pick a movie on Netflix, get my favorite hair products, and enjoy nurturing my hair. Belle Butters has different shea, avocado and even matcha green tea butter based hair and body products for the naturalista in your life. Each one comes with different ingredients like acai, vitamin E and more depending on their hair and skin needs.

                        I hope these picks come in handy! Spread love this holiday season!

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