Support The Trans Empowerment Project inTRANSitions Program!

The inTransition Program from the Trans Empowerment Project actively and compassionately supports our trans community in a variety of crucial ways.

Here's how the inTransition Program supports the trans community:

🥫 Emergency Food and Toiletries Packages: No one should go hungry. TEP provides grocery orders through Instacart, Shipt, or Hello Fresh, ensuring that our community members have access to nourishing meals and basic essentials.

👚 Gender-Affirming Clothing Packages: Self-expression is fundamental. From style preferences to gender-affirming garments like binders and STPs, we aim to help individuals feel comfortable and confident in their skin.

🔗 HRT Assistance: Hormone Replacement Therapy is essential for many in their transition journey. We support this by ensuring prescriptions are both accessible and affordable.

💼 Employment Assistance through Trans Employment Project: Dignified work is a right. Our dedicated initiative not only helps TIGE individuals find affirming employment but also offers vital DEI training for employers to create inclusive workplaces.

💌 Inmate Services through Inmate Advocacy Project: Everyone deserves care and compassion. We offer commissary assistance, gender-affirming clothing, and a pen pal project to support Trans* inmates.

🚖 Emergency Transport: Safety is paramount. For those in critical situations, we're there to ensure safe transportation to a secure environment.

How can you help?
Your donation – whether $5 or $500 – can make a significant impact. Every penny goes directly towards ensuring that the trans community has the resources and support they need.

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